Gall Bladder Surgery


The gallbladder is a pear shaped organ that collect a digestive liquid (bile) and release it after eating, it helps in digestion. Bile is produced by the liver and collected by the gall bladder. If there is any stone found in the gall bladder then the surgery of gall bladder removal is performed.

Two types of procedure are performed in gall bladder surgery:

  • One is the conventional gall bladder surgery and the other is laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.
  • In conventional gall bladder surgery the surgeon make a big incision in the abdomen .During this procedure there may be high blood loss. Due to high pain most of the patient does not prefer to go for this type of surgery.

Gallbladder Surgery Postoperative Care:

After surgery within five hours patient can go home the same day .When patients will be discharged from the hospital a family member or friend should be there along with the patient.

  • Patients can resume daily activities within 24 hours and also return to their work within a week.
  • Avoid heavy lifting


Some of the Risks and complications include :

Infection: Wound infection and any infections inside your abdomen can occur and can be treated with antibiotics.

Risks from general anesthesia may occur but are very rare. Complications include allergic reaction and death.


If bleeding occur after your operation which is very rare then further operation is required.

Bile leakage

During procedure when gall bladder is removed then there may be bile leakage which can be drained off. Sometimes in very rare cases operation is required to drain the bile. Bile leakage occurs in o1-2% cases which are rare.

Injury to the bile duct

In some cases bile duct is injured during the procedure and surgeon repair it straight away but if bile duct injury is major then it may require surgery after the operation.

Injury to intestine, bowel and blood vessels

The instrument used to remove the gallbladder can injure the intestine, bowel and blood vessels. If such type of injury occurs then this can be repaired during operation. Though such type of injury is very rare.

Deep vein thrombosis

During surgery there are chances of blood clots, these blood clots are called deep vein thrombosis and occurs in the leg vein.