Spinal cord Cancer


Let us first get the glimpse about what functions does the Spinal cord performs. It is a part of the Nervous system which controls all the functions of the bodyrelated to the sensing. Nervous System is made up of Spinal cord,Brain and a pair of nerves that spread throughout the body from the Spinal cord.Brain and Spinal cord together are known by the name of Central Nervous System. Spinal cordSpinal cords or Canceris neoplasms located in the Spinal cord.

Spinal Spinal cord or Cancer is a growth which develops within the spinal canal or within the bones of the spine. It can either be cancerous or noncancerous.

Spinal cordsbeginning within the Spinal cord itself are called spinal cordCancer or Spinal cord. There are two main types of Spinal cords that affects the Spinal cord:

  • Intramedullary Spinal cords: They begin in the cells within the spinal cord itself, such asEpendymomas or A
  • Extramedullary Spinal cords: They develop within the network of cells around the spinal cord. An example of ExtramedullarySpinal cords that may affect the Spinal cord includes meningiomas,schwannomas and neurofibromas.

Spinal cords from other parts of the body spreads around the vertebrae, which supports the network around the Spinal cord or, in some cases, the Spinal cord itself.Spinal Spinal cords or growths of any kind can lead to neurological problems or pain and sometimes paralysis.


The cause for the start in the spinal cord or the membranes covering the spinal cord is not known yet.  Research is being done to find possible causes.Experts doubt that defective genes play a role. But it's not yet known whether such genetic defects are inherited or occur spontaneously or are caused by something in the environment like exposure to certain chemicals. In afew cases, however, spinal cordspinal cords are linked to known as inherited syndromes like Von Hippel-Lindau disease and neurofibromatosis 2 diseases.These depend on the position of the spinal cord in the Spinal cord.


Treatment for a Spinal Tumor depends on a number of things including age and General Health, along with the size, position and type of the tumor. The results of tests enable the doctor to decide on the best treatment for the patient. There are risks associated with treatment to the Spine and doctor discusses them with the patient.

The Treatment will generally be planned by a team of Experts. The multidisciplinary team will usually include:

  • ANeurosurgeon
  • An Oncologist
  • ASpecialist Nurse and other Healthcare Professionals, that includes a Physiotherapist or Dietitian.
  • A Neurologist

The main treatments used are Radiotherapy, Surgery and Steroids.



Treatment can be given for different reasons and the potential benefits varies person to person However, if a cure is not feasible and the treatment is to control the Cancer for a period of time, it may be much difficult to decide whether to go for that procedure. One can always ask for more time if they feel that they can’t make a decision when the treatment is first explained to them.Patient need not give reasons for not requiring treatment, but it can be helpful for the staff to know the concerns so they can give the best possible advice.

Post operative care

The following should be considered in mind after the surgery or the treatment is taken:

  • A Proper Bed Rest which is recommended by the Doctor should be followed.
  • The patient has to be under a Physiotherapist for some time.
  • A regular visit to the Doctor is required.