Bariatric Surgeries

Sleeve Gastrectomy


Sleeve gastrectomy is the most effective bariatric surgery. In this surgery 80% of the stomach is removed. The remaining stomach resembles like banana. Now the volume of the new stomach is smaller than the normal stomach and which reduce the intake of food and the calories.

As a result of surgery patient reduce more than 50 % of their weight. It controls on gut hormones, impacts hunger and also control blood sugar.


Surgery sleeve gastrectomy has some risks as with other surgery which are as follows:

  • Bleeding
  • The main complication of sleeve gastrectomy is leaks at the staple line ,which sometime requires a repeat surgery. If this leaks persist for long time then stay in the hospital extended to weeks or even months, depending on the patient’s condition. This can be a life threatening problem .
  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Damage to other organs

As this surgery affects the gut hormones, as a result you can not take adequate food intake. This procedure lowers the risk of hernia formation. As a result of this surgery the chances of heartburn increases ( gastro oesophageal reflux ). Medications prescribed by the doctor can ease up heartburn.


  • When you are at home try to take more liquid intake as suggested by your doctor.
  • Sip liquids slowly and never use straw as it can cause bloating
  • You can take coffee or tea whether it is hot or iced.
  • Take juices by diluting it with water (half juice, half water), you can take cranberry, white grape apple, grape.
  • Always take egg white ,whole egg or egg substitutes
  • Take protein rich food like fish ,chicken ,tofu or soya products
  • You can take mayonnaise ,smooth peanut butter
  • Always take two protein shakes in between your meals in a day
  • Your food intake should be slowly and always eat very small portion because you do not know how your new stomach will tolerate food.
  • Try not to gulp the liquid, eat and drink slowly.
  • Chewed your food properly
  • Try to avoid overeating as it can cause vomiting, nausea, pouch dilation and you may feel some pain.
  • Always try to avoid drinking 30 minutes before taking meal and only drink one hour after eating.
  • Avoid fast food and carbonated drinks for at least three months after surgery.
  • While drinking never use straw as it can cause bloating and discomfort.
  • Eat protein rich food like fish, meat, skim milk etc.
  • Some supplements which are to be continue lifelong are
  • Vitamin B12
  • Always take iron two hours before and after your meal
  • Vitamin D3 and calcium citrate
  • Take multivitamin whether it is chewable or gummy

Exercise should be started once you are medically fit.

If you have any query related to your diet, consult your dietician or doctor.

Cost of sleeve gastrectomy in India varies from US$ 6500- US$ 7500 depending upon co morbidaties such as hypertension, diabetes etc.